About Bubbles Make Me Happy

Bubbles Make Me Happy Owner Tiffany

Hi! I'm Tiffany, wife, mom to the cutest 12 year old boy I know, dog mom, favorite daughter and daughter-in-law (I'm the only one in both cases), champagne lover, small business advocate, and owner of Bubbles Make Me Happy. I create the designs you see here as well as manage the site.

Bubbles Make Me Happy - The Short Story
The idea for Bubbles Make Me Happy originated in 2017 when I was chatting with friends about ideas for companies and wanting to have a job that truly made me happy. As I was sipping my champagne, I thought to myself, bubbles make me happy, and it was an instant aha moment knowing that I wanted to have a business that centered around champagne. Fast forward to 2023 and here I am, selling champagne inspired merchandise online. So happy!

Why Shop Bubbles Make Me Happy
I am a small business owner with the time and attention to give to my customers. If you have a specific design or style that you do not see on the site, please let me know and I will be more than happy to work with you to make it happen. I love custom orders! 

Business Model 
With the exception of a handful of inventoried items, Bubbles Make Me Happy is a print-on-demand business, meaning your custom order does not get sent to production and printed until you place your order. As such, it is very difficult to change orders once they have been submitted, as my vendors do not have the flexibility to change orders in their production line-up. 

The majority of the merchandise is shipped directly to you from the vendor. Unfortunately, my vendors do not have the capacity to accept returns
 or exchanges due to incorrect product ordering.

Product sizing charts are available for all products on the site. Please take into consideration the sizing measurements as I am unable to provide returns or exchanges due to sizing. 

If your product is damaged or the print is not correct, please email a full photo of the product, front and back, to tiffany@bubblesmakemehappy.com. If your product is damaged, the print is not correct, or if you even receive the wrong item, I am more than happy to send you a reprint free of charge or a refund. 

I want you to love your product and experience ordering online with Bubbles Make Me Happy, please email me at tiffany@bubblesmakemehappy.com with any questions.